Urban Design & Planning

Urban Form Architecture is designer architecture's bridge between planning and architecture.  An emerging form of design that draws on masterplanning, placemaking and urban design skills, in addition to good architecture capability, to provide a thorough context-based work up of suggestive built form into 3D design models.

Multi-building developments are increasingly coming to designer architecture for their Urban Form Architecture capability; in turn understanding the impact a development will have on a precinct from a visual, light and airflow perspective.  We find it can be a powerful tool in communicating with communities, government stakeholders and financiers allowing them to understand the built form in great detail and provide the context needed to support project inception, feasibility and development approvals.

Our expertise and hunger to providing a leading and superior architecture service has driven us into Urban Form Architecture with gusto.  We believe it is an enormously valuable tool to support the placemaking process with our clients.