Interior Design

At designer architecture we have a fundamental philosophy that good design underpins everything we do. Our objective is to produce visually attractive, innovative and well planned buildings that satisfy both the functional and economic needs of our clients and users.

designer architecture has has over eleven years of interior design experience in the Australian market, traversing Residential Interiors,  design for both high and low density.

To us it is paramount that Interior Design is integrated into our architectural designs at all stages. From simple space planning through to co-ordinating windows and exterior finishes our interior architects operate as an integrated part of the architectural team. This is critical to achieving clients' outcomes and desired green star ratings.

Our Interiors team integrates seamlessly with our designs using the latest 3D technology, catching design opportunities early, Retail Interiors and Commercial Offices, offering a pragmatic, proactive service.

A team with great flair, we are abreast of current products and trends.  In fact we pride ourselves on having the best local and product knowledge and the best communication and documentation to deliver it.

From a clients’ perspective we are able to provide comprehensive advice on servicability and practicality within our design scope. We also enjoy being challenged by clients and have a reputation for delivering well on budget and style.